Patent Experience

Brian has extensive experience with, and expertise in, patent law.  He began working in the patent field in the mid-1990’s while working on his Chemistry degree.  He has passed the patent bar exam and is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as a Patent Attorney.

Brian is well versed in the mechanics of patent prosecution.  Brian first started working in patent law while an undergraduate studying chemistry.  He was hired by a patent attorney to assist in the drafting of chemical patents and went on to work on a wide range of technologies.  After Law School, he continued his work drafting and prosecuting patents.

Brian also has extensive experience with Patent litigation.  He clerked in the Federal District Court in Delaware—one of the busiest and most important patent dockets in the country.  He also spent a number of years working as a patent litigation attorney on some of the nation’s largest and most important patent cases.