Litigation Experience

Brian is a tough and effective advocate who has represented clients in numerous litigations.  Whether drafting briefs, negotiating settlements, or questioning witnesses, he is always in command of the subject matter and able to convey his client’s position clearly and forcefully.

Throughout his career, he has been recognized for his ability to question and prepare witnesses.  While working in big law firms, he was often brought on to cases to take the most difficult depositions.  And when a witness needed preparation for a key deposition or cross-examination, Brian was routinely the one called upon.

Brian’s written advocacy skills are also superb.  Utilizing the substantial knowledge and skills he gained during his clerkship and while litigating in big law firms, Brian has drafted and prevailed on numerous motions, including motions to dismiss, motions for summary judgment, and discovery motions.  He has also drafted effective findings for bench trials that have been relied upon and referenced by the presiding judges in rendering their opinions.

In addition to advancing his clients’ cases, Brian’s advocacy skills also save clients money.  In several cases, he has argued for and won orders limiting discovery, using both his written and oral advocacy skills to show judges why limiting discovery made sense.  Those victories avoided substantial costs associated with providing discovery for his clients.  He can do the same for your case.